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Welcome to PB4A.COM
What is PB4A?

These are generally higher mileage, older, lower priced vehicles that are flawed in some way and are sold without a warranty. They are offered for a limited time and sold 100% AS-IS.

Why PB4A?

Our customers have asked us to make these vehicles available to fill their need for basic transportation. By offering a broader selection of kid's cars, 2nd or 3rd cars, college cars, and better serve our current customers and the general market. We benefit by saving money on transportation, fuel and auction fees and the liability of having vehicles on the road to and from auctions. In addition, we make a customer that otherwise may not have shopped at our dealership.


Tour PB4A selections are priced "out the door " The listed price includes all SC or NC sales tax, tags & fees. No add on's or hidden fees. The price you see is the price you pay.